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All About Ford Transport Mode

Ford Transport Mode, also known as “Transport Mode” or “Railroad Mode,” is a feature available on certain Ford vehicle models designed to ease the process of transporting new vehicles from the factory to dealerships via rail or truck. When activated, Transport Mode helps preserve the vehicle’s battery charge and prevents excessive mileage accumulation during the transportation process.

Key aspects of Ford Transport Mode include:

  • Reduced battery drain: It minimizes the electrical load on the battery by disabling certain features, such as the audio system, interior lights, and accessory delay.
  • Mileage accumulation prevention: The feature helps ensure that the odometer does not record mileage while the vehicle is being transported, providing customers with accurate mileage readings.
  • Easy activation and deactivation: Transport Mode can be easily enabled and disabled by following a specific sequence of actions, typically involving pressing brake and gas pedals, turning the ignition key, or using the infotainment system.
  • Automatic deactivation: On some models, Transport Mode automatically deactivates once the vehicle reaches a certain speed threshold, indicating that it is no longer being transported and is ready for use.
  • This feature is particularly useful for dealerships like Rob Sight Ford, as it helps maintain the quality and accuracy of their new vehicle inventory during the transportation process from the factory to the dealership lot.



How to Deactivate Ford Transport Mode

Having a hard time figuring out how to deactivate the transport mode? Here’s how you deactivate it.

  1. Turn key to ‘on’ position
  2. Wait for chimes to stop
  3. Depress brake pedal 5 times
  4. Turn four-way flashers on 5 times
  5. Horn will honk when out of transport mode