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You can seamlessly add your vehicle's value as a trade-in by utilizing our online tool. At Rob Sight Ford, we make it easy for customers to discover their trade-in values and apply them to their purchases. You can get started online and save yourself time on-site with just a few simple steps. With our streamlined process, you can discover a fair value for your vehicle in no time.

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How to Value Your Trade-In

Instead of going back in forth on the value of your vehicle in person, you can get a value upfront before you arrive at our location. It can take just ten seconds or less to get an estimated trade-in value for your vehicle. Provide the year, make, and trim level of your vehicle. Then, select options that best describe your vehicle and its condition. With more information about your vehicle's history, we can provide a value based on objective market data.

We will contact you to follow up with your appraisal and see what next steps you would like to take. You are under no obligation to trade in your vehicle and choose the best option for you. We can schedule a final inspection to confirm your vehicle's value and then apply the trade-in value to your purchase.

Why Trade-In?

Trading in can be not only convenient but an excellent way to save money. Applying your trade-in value to the sale can help you save in sales tax and monthly payments. If your trade-in value helps raise your down payment to about 20 percent of the value of your next car, you can enjoy lower rates.

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