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Main Reasons to Invest in Winter Wiper Blades

The wiper blades on your car all year are crafted to push away rain and improve your field of vision. These are a couple of the benefits to having new winter wiper blades installed on your vehicle.

The winter wiper blades utilize a heavy-duty frame that will not bend when heavy snow load needs to be moved. The arms are strong enough to push away the snow and still keep close contact with the glass.

Surrounding the winter wiper blades is a thick rubber casing that is crafted to be able to keep any ice or snow out of the…
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"Move Over" Laws Explained

Every state in America has a law that is regularly broken due to a lack of awareness of this law so we here at Rob Sight Ford want to help inform drivers everywhere of this law and the importance it holds. This law is called the "Slow Down & Move Over Law" which was created with the intent of helping to protect emergency service workers on the roadside doing their jobs.

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A New Time Frame for Changing Your Oil

Changing your oil every 3,000 miles is an outdated practice in light of today's newer technology. Cars that were built 20 years ago used more oil and the engines weren't as advanced so this practice was needed.Now there is a different standard requiring less frequent changes.

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Consider buying a Ford SUV today

SUVs are becoming very popular because of what they have to offer. If you have been thinking about buying a car, you should have an SUV as your priority. The SUV has a family-friendly seating capacity and a high towing capacity.

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What to look for in your brakes

Brakes are the most crucial part in a car because it determines how well you can bring your car to a stop. Like any other part of your vehicle, brakes also require a thorough inspection. Maybe you have been asking yourself from time to time, 'Should I have my brakes checked?' Worry no more, here are the reasons why you should have your brakes inspected regularly.

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To Buy or To Lease in Kansas City, MO

Many people need to find the right new car for their needs. If you are one of them, then you are probably wondering whether you should buy or lease one for your next automobile. Fortunately, our team at Rob Sight Ford can help determine the best choice for you!

Buying a car is a huge responsibility. You will have to make sure that you take care of the car all of the time. When you lease a car, the upkeep is done by the leasing company. You can trade it in for a new model when the lease term is…

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