"Move Over" Laws Explained

Every state in America has a law that is regularly broken due to a lack of awareness of this law so we here at Rob Sight Ford want to help inform drivers everywhere of this law and the importance it holds. This law is called the "Slow Down & Move Over Law" which was created with the intent of helping to protect emergency service workers on the roadside doing their jobs.

Whenever you see a tow truck or police officer or another emergency service vehicle in the process of doing their jobs, you are supposed to slow down and if able, move over to the next lane to give the most room possible to these workers.

Statistics from the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition state that each year over 200 roadside workers and 150 law enforcement officers lose their lives doing their duties. According to a national poll conducted by Mason Dixon Polling & Research, 71% of Americans have never heard of the "Move Over" laws.

If you have any questions about these laws, visit us at Rob Sight Ford in Kansas City, MO.

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